10 Memory Pictures from Vietnam

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There are few trips which are special for specific reasons. It can be due to the fact that, it was your first ever trip on your own or you had an awesome group with you or you had some interesting experiences there. Whatever may be the reason, when you look back at the trip in retrospect, it brings a smile to you after many years. Vietnam was one such trip for me but for a different reason.

Vietnam was an unconventional destination at that time for me. I didn’t know any one remotely who had visited the place. When I shared my plans with people whom I know, many of them had a hidden question mark (why ?) on their face. I myself was skeptical about the plan but finally I decided to go ahead. A friend agreed to accompany me and I am thankful for that :). After finishing the trip I gained a lot of confidence which has been helping me till now.

I applied for the visa to Embassy of Vietnam in Delhi which involved submission of  my passport along with list of documents. However later I came to know that I could have got a Visa On Arrival with the help of a good agency. One such good agency is Vietnam Visa. The process to get VOA is listed on the website. There are several  benefits you derive by applying online through this agency listed below:

  1. Its cheaper compared to applying for visa beforehand.
  2. Turn around time is less
  3. You don’t need to submit your passport. So if you plan to visit another country alongside where you need to submit passport then you can apply there.

Contact Vietnam Visa Team

After getting approval letter from the agency, you can get VOA at Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City airport.Once you enter country you can witness scenes like these pictures:

  • Limestone formations at Holang Bay

Holang Bay

  • Street of Hanoi parked with Motor Bikes

Streets with Bikes

  • Beautiful river bridge in Da Nang

Beautiful River Bridge

  • World’s Longest Cable car at Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills

  • Market set up in Hoi An


  • Beach In Da Nang


  • War memorial museum in Ho Chi Minh City


  • Water Puppet show


  • Boat Ride in Mekong Delta


  • Cu Chi Tunnels


Note : This post is written in partnership with Vietnam Visa.  I haven’t used their services personally however recommend them based on good reviews of other customers.

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  1. nalini ranjan ghosh 11 May, 2016 at 7:56 PM Reply

    Please in form which are the best places to visit Vietnam though Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are located directly opposite as per map of Vietnam.. To explore the beauties of Vietnam it is felt that it would require at least 10 days to complete sight seeing and gather some knowledge about Vietnam.Any Language problem there? What would be the approximate cost involved in terms of Indian currency.?what is the best time and Off season to visit Vietnam from Calcutta.Since Laos and Cambodia are adjacent to Vietnam, would you suggest to explore those 2 countries?

    • Makrand 16 May, 2016 at 8:14 PM Reply

      Hi Nalini Ranjan Ghosh,

      I have been to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and DaNang in vietnam so can provide information about that. Yes, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are in opposite direction, so people normally enter from one end and leave from other. I entered Vietnam from Hanoi, then proceeded to Da Nang and then exited from Ho Chi Minh.

      10 days would be a good time to spend in Vietnam. Vietnam is a challenging country atleast from my experience. There will be some instances when you may find yourself interacting with non English speaking people. Also if you are a vegetarian then check before booking day tours whether vegetarian food is available and choices would be very limited. Although in cities you will find Indian restaurants.

      Approximate cost depends on your travel plan, choice of accommodation etc. Overall vietnam is not very expensive, so if you don’t opt for luxury, you should be fine. I visited in April and it was a good season overall. Please research online about best season though.

      If you have more number of days then you can proceed to Laos and Cambodia but for 10 days better stick to Vietnam.

      Again I would reiterate Vietnam is a challenging country. Some people like it more than others. Research more about places that interest you and then plan accordingly. This would set your tour expectations correctly.

  2. JoY FoReveR........Jyotsnaa Sharrma 25 November, 2016 at 5:24 PM Reply


    Nice information. Well, I have a query I am planning to visit Vietnam in March 2017 that too solo. Is Vietnam safe for solo woman travelers??


    • Makrand 25 November, 2016 at 8:53 PM Reply

      Yes, I believe Vietnam is quite safe in terms of woman solo travelers. I saw many women solo travelers there. If you take same precautions which you would take in India, Vietnam won’t be any problem. I would advice to exercise some caution in Ho Chi Minh City though as I had read about couple of pick pocketing incidents there but nothing endangering. Have a good trip.

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