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Travelling to a new place involves visiting the sights which haven’t been covered yet. But it also involves occurrence of incidences which we haven’t expected. Few such incidences form a story worth telling. Presenting to you, 4 short stories that I thought are worth sharing. They do not involve any big drama but some memories which I will have for a long time.

1. DJ Party At A Tea Stall: I have danced (Read Badly) at various DJ nights at different places like college campus,  pubs, discos and wedding events. But I had never imagined a DJ party can be arranged near a tea stall. I had taken a 2 days tour of North Sikkim and the second day of tour was very tiring which started very early in the morning and involved travelling whole day on a non-existent road.  I was very exhausted like everyone in the cab and every muscle had a pain. It was around 7:30 in the evening and completely dark outside. Our driver stopped the car on a tea stall by road side. Entire surrounding was completely dark and the only source of light was the stall’s dim bulbs. It was not the time for a tea break but it was understandable that driver needs rest in between.

We also got down from the cab to straighten the body. Few minutes later I saw that the  driver turned on small music player kept in the shop. There were 2-3 girls selling snacks on the shop and also 2-3 other guys who were preparing tea. Again few minutes later I saw that driver had started dancing and was pulling every one in the shop to join him. I was not able to believe what was going on there. We were extremely tired and this person had energy to dance . The dim lights were still there in an otherwise completely dark area. Music was being played  and shopkeepers were dancing. Then he started calling passengers to join as well. I didn’t know how to react whether to cry or laugh. Few passengers had joined the party as well in few minutes. I was left with two choices either to wait patiently till the drama ends or be the part of drama itself.  So I finally jumped in and I danced though I didn’t know about the source of energy because 5 minutes before I was exhausted enough to even walk for few mins. After some time we continued the journey. Driver told us later that he does it quite often so that he doesn’t get asleep after a tiring drive plus the passengers also get refreshed. I had to admit the trick works.

2. Camp Fire In A Village: As part of 2 days tour of North Sikkim, I stayed in Lachung village in a small guest house. It was extremely cold and the group had arranged for a camp fire. The sky was completely filled up with stars and it was a perfect set up for camp fire with very limited facilities. There was no music system available so we used our cell phones to play music. The guest house owner poured a bit of kerosene on woods to help the fire. It was kept in a water jug and he placed it nearby just in case required again. Few people had started with their drinks as they felt they needed it along with camp fire. After sometime one of the guy in our group needed some drinking water so he lift the water jug placed nearby and had the first sip. Luckily he was sane enough even after few shots to realize that he had drunk kerosene. He threw up immediately with his friends laughing at him. The whole sight was very funny and he joined the laughs once he felt not much kerosene has gone inside. I was sitting on the chair looking at the fire realizing that I can plan a tour itinerary but such moments can not be planned.  A big thank you to the strangers who made the camp fire memorable.

3. All Alone In A Hotel : I had reached Pelling after a 5 hours drive from Gangtok and it was evening by then. I reached my hotel around 7 in the night and it was completely dark by that time. Pelling is not a very big place and since it was not start of season, not many tourists were there in the town. The hotel owner came out to take my luggage and I followed him. He showed me my room and it was fine. Just out of curiosity I asked him whether any other room is available. He smiled and said choose whichever room you want, whole hotel is yours. Then I realized I am all alone in a 5 story building  like a horror movie. Hotel owner with all his winter wears appeared like the hotel staff which we always witness in movies with a lamp in his hand. I turned on the TV to absorb the situation. which though appeared bad wasn’t bad. The plus point was I got a room with terrace which had views of mountains from the room itself and the price I paid was half than the usual rates. It was not a bad deal at all though a bit scary one.

4. Two Great Travel Partners : I took a shared cab from Bagdogra airport to Gangtok airport and my co passengers were a Spanish girl and a Sikkimese guy.  Before I started my journey I had prepared myself for a boring 5 hours drive but it was not the case. The conversation started about places to see in Gangtok and in few minutes topics changed from life in Sikkim to life in Spain to life in rest of India. We talked about excessive use of smartphones,  various religions across the world, various airports in India, villages in Assam and so on. Do you see a pattern in topics ? Do not stress your brain as there is no pattern. The Spanish girl was studying in India about Buddhism and had travelled to remote villages in North East India which Sikkimese guy  had not even heard about. The Sikkimese guy was coming for a visit to his home town all the way from Dubai and he spoke about places in South India which I had not heard about. I enquired about some cities in Spain about which she had little or no information. It was a great combination where each one of us didn’t know about the place where we stay but other people knew. Towards the end of trip we realized that we had boarded same flight from Delhi and then sharing the cab together and it wasn’t planned. Life is full of such coincidences and makes it interesting.

Did these stories remind you of any incidence from your own travel? Take your pen and write it down in comments section. Why not tell a story today 🙂

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