My name is Makrand Lowalekar.

I love to visit different places and write about them. I had been traveling to different places whenever time permitted but after a trip to Ladakh in 2012, I decided to convert my memories into a collection of stories.  This blog is collection of few of them.

I am not a full time traveler and manage to travel along with maintaining my professional life. My travel style is budget travel along with comfort. I try to travel  slightly offbeat routes but equally enjoy popular tourist spots. You may not find me doing a 15 days trek in mountains but you can spot me  enjoying beauty of Himalayas during the day and then relax in evening in a cozy place. I also love to explore cities on foot and you may spot me scratching my head with a map in hand in an unknown city.

I am enthusiastic about travel and if you share the same interest then you are at right place. Traveling for me is not just visiting a place but a complete package right from researching about the place,  making an itinerary, actual visit, learning photography on each trip, meeting new people on journey and finally sharing all these stories.

Many seasoned travelers would say that just putting your feet in a new city/country is not real travel and I agree to it. However with limited time available for travel to me,  I try to find a balance between absorbing the place and see majority of it. I also enjoy the number game and count the places I have left my foot prints. I have been to 20 out of 36 state/union territories of India.  I also have traveled to 10 countries (technically 11 -just visited an island in Indonesia but it counts 🙂 )  and you can find visa related information for Indian passport holders on this blog.

I try to share any information which other travelers may find useful.There are thousand of portal available online which provide ample information about tourist places. But when you read a story that how someone actually completed a trip, it has a better impact. I got a lot of help, motivation and information from different travel bloggers across the world and felt now this is my turn to do the same. Although the narration style is more of travel tale than a guide book but I hope you will be able to extract out necessary information out of these. If any of these stories help you plan your travel in any way, I will consider my objective of creating this diary is achieved.


Please provide your feedback in the form of comments on this blog, comments on facebook pages or emails. I would love to hear from you.

Before you navigate to other sections on this blog, here is a small 😉 bucket list/goals that I would like achieve in upcoming years. Life is all about dreaming :). Isn’t it ?

  • Take a solo trip 
  • Visit all 12 Jyotirlings (Have been to 7)
  • Visit Vivekananda Memorial, Kanyakumari
  • Stay in a village in Punjab
  • Visit Andaman Nikobar and Lakshdweep
  • Visit Wagah Border
  • Visit all 6 continents (Antarctica not in the list at the moment :))
  • Take a Cruise tour
  • Visit Disneyland and Universal Studio
  • Get wet in Niagara Falls
  • Visit 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Skydive
  • Visit all states of India
  • Visit 50 countries before I turn 50
  • Visit 5 countries unknown to me today
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Stay at night camp in desert
  • Walk on a frozen lake
  • Take an african Safari
  • Take a Konkan railway ride in Monsoon
  • Publish an article
  • Enjoy euro rail rides
  • Couchsurf in Europe
  • Attend TBEX conference


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