Alleppey is known for famous backwaters of Kerala and is one of the must go place when you visit Kerala.

Kerala tourism has recently launched a campaign on Backwaters. The campaign gives you insight on 44 rivers, vast network of lakes, 1500 KM of labyrinthine canals,snake boat races, over 300 species of birds, floating markets..showcasing the magnificence of  Kerala backwaters.

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Alleppey can be reached from Munnar by a 5 hour bus ride. There are state transport buses available starting from early morning. You can also go by a taxi but that would cost a handsome amount. Alleppey is famous for backwater and houseboat ride/stay in backwater make it an interesting tourist destination. It also has a beautiful beach which is very clean.

We boarded early morning bus from Munnar and reached Alleppey around 11 after 5 hour journey. The bus will stop at 2-3 places for short duration for freshening up. It’s not a very comfortable bus but good enough to survive 5 hours journey:). Since we had pre-booked houseboat from Munnar itself, we called owner once we reached near Alleppey. They had provided pick up from bus stand and it was around 15 minutes ride by taxi from stand to houseboat.

The houseboat is like a completely flat with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a deck upwards to relax. There are at-least two caretakers on the boat one of whom will drive the boat and other one is cooking purpose. Sometimes a third caretaker might be there who will assist the cook. We had booked a basic houseboat but still it had a/c in both rooms along with attached bathrooms. It costed Rs. 10000 for 21 hours in total (From Noon time to next morning 9 a.m.) and was completely worth it. This included welcome drink, multiple rounds of tea, lunch, dinner and fruits.


The houseboat started moving in water and it was a very relaxing experience. We could see hundreds of other houseboats moving in backwaters. We could see trees on both side of water, kids rowing small boats as a mode of transport, sun shining in the sky and guest houses on banks of water.

Small boat
small boat

Guest House on Bank
Guest Houses

After moving for 4-5 hours boat will come to halt as it is not allowed to move after dark. Our boat was parked on the bank and we enjoyed evening tea along with some snacks. We could see local’s houses near the bank and see their daily routines. There was music system available and the music added an extra plus to the entertainment.

Houseboat in Evening
Houseboat in Evening

Next morning after having breakfast, we got ready to leave the boat. Since we had to board evening train to Banglore, we limited our visit to only Beach. The hot weather also added as a factor for the decision. After bookign a room in nearby guest house, we put our luggage there and headed towards beach. The beach was very clean and we enjoyed some time there. It had become hot in the after noon and was not the best time to be there. So we went to Indian Cafe House nearby and had our lunch there. Since we had couple of hours left we returned to our room again for some rest and boarded the return train in the evening.

Camel Ride on Beach
Camel Ride



Alleppey is definitely an important tourist destination of Kerala and is a must visit. The best time to visit would be form November to February mid as in March first week weather was hot there. Keep the weather in mind and you will definitely enjoy Alleppey. Our short Kerala tour had ended there but charm of the place had not. Do visit yourself and share your experiences. It’s definitely worth it.

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