I woke up around 7 in the morning and the train was scheduled to reach Budapest around 8 AM. I bought a coffee from attendant and watched the country side of Hungary sipping my coffee through the glass window. The rain had followed us in Budapest and it was a rainy morning. From the station we bought the ticket for metro. We had booked an apartment this time and it was another experiment for me to after hostel. It costs 15 euros per day per person which was an excellent deal considering the spacious apartment with facilities like kitchen, tea maker, WiFi etc.

Budapest Station

After getting ready we had our lunch and then proceeded for the free walking tour. We learnt in Prague that such tour should be taken on first day in city. You can read about the detailed experience here. It was a cold afternoon after rains, so not a perfect weather as we would have expected. However travel teaches you to not get disappointed with unfavorable conditions and enjoy whatever comes.

Palace Across River

Hungarian Parliament

After our tour ended we spent some time in a nearby cafe known for its tasty pastries. It had again started raining and we had to stick to the place till rain subdued. We had booked a river cruise in the night and had planned to visit few more places but had to cut short our plan because of heavy rains. Because of strong wind umbrellas were of not much use and we had to take shelter in a near by building where another incident happened :).

After recovering from the shock of this incident we headed to the river cruise which was the most memorable part of Budapest. I had not imagined that same place would look completely different in night as all the bridges and buildings near by were illuminated with lights. Budapest is simply beautiful in night. The river cruise turned to fantastic and best activity in Budapest.

Palace in Night

Parliament in Night

Bridges in Night

While coming back we realized Budapest isn’t that safe in night. Most of the things close by 10 PM and you will see many shady characters on the road. I may be wrong about my observations but sometimes you can sense things by people and surroundings. I didn’t feel comfortable like Prague or Vienna late in night in Budapest. We were relieved after reaching hotel and overall it was a good day-one in Budapest.

Rain had been playing on and off game previous day and the same thing continued on next day. So we had to cut down our plan again and just target the Hungarian Parliament tour during the day. The tour was supposed to start around 3 PM so we went to local market to buy souvenir. Its few kilometers away but we decided to walk as we would be able to the city as well.

The parliament tour lasts for around an hour where a guide accompanies you to follow a specified path of tour. The group size is quite big so you will need to remain close to the guide so that you can listen to him/her properly. You will get a chance to go till the assembly hall where every day sessions happen. The parliament building is equally beautiful from inside.

Parliament from Inside

After finishing the tour we came out and it was still raining. We returned to our hotel wishing rain would stop for some time. Rain finally stopped for some time and since it was dark by that time, we proceeded again to river side to see the beautiful sights of bridges full of lights. We took a very long walk witnessing the wonderful parliament building. I was mesmerized by the views and uttered to my friend, ‘Our city should have such scenes so that I can see them whenever I want’. My friend replied, ‘If you have everything in your city, why would you step out of your city and country ?’. I smiled and we headed back to our hotel. Next morning we had to catch bus to our last destination – Vienna.

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