I got a feedback from many readers that they would prefer a travelogue of trips on this page as they will find it useful while planning their own trip. I was under impression that no one would like to read long posts with details but looks like it is not the case. So I decided that even if one person is finding that useful, I would be happy to the explain the execution of overall plan.

I had already written about why I chose to travel to Central Europe in one of my earlier post.   So we will straight away jump to the actual travel plan that was executed during my trip.  My main destination country was Czech Republic so I researched about different flight options available. There was connectivity till Prague but the flight was very expensive. Then I figured out flights from India are least expensive to two airports in Europe which are closer to Czech Republic. One of them was Vienna and second one was Frankfurt.  After doing some more research Vienna looked a better option as it was easy to approach Brno from there so Vienna was finalized and I had booked flights accordingly.

I traveled solo for first leg of my trip and later my friend joined me in Prague. Here is the itinerary I followed during entire trip. The ordering of cities was done so as a complete circuit if formed without traversing a route twice. Since my return flight was from Vienna, I kept if for the last so that I reach the city two days in advance before my departure date. Hence after landing in Vienna I straight away headed for Brno.


Day 0 : Hyderabad -> New Delhi -> Vienna

Day 1 : Vienna -> Brno

Day 2 : Brno sight – seeing

Day 3 : Brno -> Prague

Day 4 : Prague sight – seeing

Day 5 : Prague sight – seeing

Day 6 : Prague sight-seeing.  Prague -> Budapest

Day 7 : Budapest  sight – seeing

Day 8 : Budapest  sight – seeing

Day 9 : Budapest -> Vienna

Day 10 : Vienna sight-seeing

Day 11 : Vienna – > New Delhi -> Hyderabad

In the next post we would go to Brno by bus  and also see how to book a bus to travel from Vienna to Brno. Crossing borders of countries by bus is exciting. Get ready to embark on that journey :).

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