Climbing towards Chembra Peak

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Do you want to reach near the clouds that look far at the top of mountain? Do you want to see tea plantation from top ? Do you want to walk through a path in forest surrounded by vegetation ? Do you want to be at a quiet place where the only sound you can hear is your own voice ? Do you want to go green ? If yes then let’s climb towards Chembra Peak.

Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad district and is located in Western Ghats. The forest department issues the permits for trekking. Permit for up to 10 people costs Rs. 500 and Still Camera charges Rs.25. You are also provided with a guide who can be of great help especially for first time trekkers. Unfortunately forest department doesn’t allow to go till top now and trek ends at a heart shaped lake. But this is still a wonderful trek and one must do it when visiting Wayanad.

If you are starting from Bangalore then first reach Kalpetta and then proceed towards Meppady. Finally you need to reach Chembra Tea estate where the forest office is located. After taking permits you can drive your vehicle further few kms to reach a parking spot and you are ready to start your trek.

Our guide Manoj introduced himself who is a student in college and on weekends works as guide. He started to walk towards forest and we followed him. Initial few minutes you will be crossing tea plantation area which will be a smooth walk. From that point, the real trek starts uphill which is a bit steep to climb.

Tea Plantation

Trek Path

The trekking path is easy to identify but your guide knows exactly where to foot to have safer climb. We used to stop in between to catch breath. The view and path were both breathtaking :). We came across a small water stream with a crystal clear pure water. We drank water from there which was much better than bottled mineral water. These are such small things which make treks memorable.

After around 45 minutes we reached an open land which was completely filled with grass. There was a small water body and views were very nice. This was the place where you would automatically start uttering ‘wow’. We took rest here for 5 minutes, took some pics and proceeded further.

Open Ground

Hills at a distance

After another 45 minutes we reached the highest point to which entry is allowed. There is heart-shaped lake at the top. It’s a small lake and if you were expecting a huge lake at the top then you will be disappointed. But the view from the top are fantastic. The clouds are visible nearby and from the top you can see whole of Wayanad.

Lake at the Top

Clouds at a Distance

View from Top

We stayed there for around half an hour and then started to descend. The descend which appeared easier was in fact trickier than ascend. You need to be careful as it gets slippery and difficult to balance sometimes. I myself fell down 2-3 times but luckily not hurt. Finally we reached the parking where we had parked our car. By this time rain had started and we were lucky to finish just in time. The entire trek took us around 3 and half hours. Our legs were paining but triumph of completing the trek successfully had subdued it. There is no better feeling than – Mission accomplished :).


  • Start early in the morning and try to reach around 10 AM to forest office so that you have sufficient time in hand and can go at your own pace.
  • If you are visiting in September, monsoon is still active. It normally rains in afternoon around 2-3 PM so probability of finishing your trek before rains is more if you start early.
  • This is a trek with medium difficulty and requires some steep climbing, so plan members of your trek accordingly.
  • Shoes are must and better if you have trekking shoes.
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