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Vietnam has a long coastline on East which is full of beautiful beaches. One of them is located near Da Nang City and is called Da Nang beach. If you have seen the famous bridges on Han river and roamed around in city then its time to hit the sea beach. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beach in Vietnam.

The beach is located on eastern side of bridges which is a total touristy area full of hotels. This is more scenic side of city with hotels, roads and trees make whole area look very good. There are a lot of beach side resorts just on the beach but would be expensive. If you are on budget then you can stay in nearby hotels which are just 5 mins walk from beach but of good standard rooms.

Road to Beach from Hotel
Road to Beach

Beach From a Distance
Distant beach

This is not a very safe beach for swimming and you should only swim in the marked zone. There are many flags on bridge which marked the swimming zone. Also there is sea police keeping an eye from watch tower just in case someone crosses the boundary. The beach has facilities for taking shower and also some water sports are there. Beach looks completely different in morning and evening. Also in morning time it will be very less crowded whereas in evening a lot of people will be enjoying on the beach.

Beach in Morning

Crowd on Beach in Evening
Beach in Evening

Mountains in Background

Marking the Boundary

Da Nang beach is a very clean sandy beach. Another interesting thing is sand is a bit different from other sea beaches and doesn’t stick on body/clothes. I had never seen this earlier. There are also shacks to relax and have some drinks from nearby restaurants. Overall it is a beautiful beach that will occupy top position in your list of places to visit in Da Nang.

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