Darjeeling which is a popular hill station in West Bengal is famous among families and couples. The idea of solo travel to such a place did not sound intelligent one. But since I had an extra day in hand while returning from Sikkim, I took a chance just to see how much boring it will turn out.  Surprisingly things weren’t as bad as I had hoped. A lesser known fact is there are a lot of big schools and colleges in Darjeeling and thus a lot of young crowd can be seen around. Although they would not be initiating any conversation from their end but when you ask for directions a quick chat is always possible.

After getting ready in the morning, I started walking towards the clock tower. It was the same tower that I had seen in the Hindi movie Barfi so it becomes special. While walking on the street I noticed a small restaurant which in fact was a tea shop set up inside a home. It was a bit cold and tea was not a bad idea. A pretty girl came to take the order who didn’t look like working there. I asked for a tea and before I could ask her, she told herself that she owns the shop. To be precise her family owned the shop and she would spend some time after college. And then she started talking like I am some friend who she is meeting after long time. There was no pause or stop button and apart from few sentences I barely got a chance to speak while finishing my tea. Before leaving I asked her about the transport option to reach the rope way and she asked me why don’t you walk till there. This is how we (locals) enjoy Darjeeling.

Clock Tower

This was the best advise I could expect in that tea shop. I started walking crossing the market of Darjeeling and then further towards rope way point which was few kilometers away. It had stopped raining by that time but I noticed clouds on my left side just above huts. It was a very scenic sight and I stopped for couple of minutes there.

Just After Rains

I walked further and I could see clouds on the road with the visibility reduced to few meters. On my left side was forest downhill and right side there were administrative buildings. Students were coming back from school/college and thus the overall atmosphere was very refreshing.

Trees downhill



Seen Something Similar in Horror Movie

Three students Few Feet away

I reached rope way eventually and took the ride. I was still thinking about the wonderful walk I just had. I shared the cabin with an elderly couple into their sixties and I was hesitant to tell them that I am travelling solo. I was under impression that they won’t understand and I will be asked lot of questions about why I am travelling solo. Surprisingly the old man just pat my back and said, “travel when you are young”. I hid my surprise and nodded in agreement. That pat on my back was the perfect ending to my journey. While descending the rope way the same question had again hit my head – Where Next ?. I will be back with an answer soon 🙂 .

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