Technology has changed travel completely. With the advent of smart phones, tablets and other gadgets, information is always at our door step.  We are no longer required to carry big printed maps or guide books with us everywhere and these devices can fit in our pockets storing everything we need. Although the traditional travel has it’s own fun but things have changed in past couple of years.

Armed with few such tools, I along with my friend decided to explore country side of Vietnam on our own.  We met a traveler in Danang city of Vietnam who had been exploring the city for last two days. Next day, we had planned a visit to Cable Car at Bana Hills located around 40 KM from city which is world’s longest non stop Cable Car. We inquired with him about the best way to reach there as we were aware of only option of hiring a taxi. He advised us to rent a bike and follow google maps to reach there, so that we can enjoy the route passing through rice fields.

Next morning we rented a motor bike and started the journey by turning on GPS and tracking our path on the map using phone.  The route was very beautiful passing through country side with many rice fields on both sides of road. We saw many villagers curiously watching us crossing by

Rice Fields
Rice Fields

Kids Enjoying Bicycle Ride

The plan was getting executed perfectly and we were approaching our destination. As at every point of life we always get two options and we are tempted to choose obvious one.In the same way we reached a point where map showed two routes diverging from a point en-route, one leading to  Bana Hills Resort and other leading to Bana Hills Cable Car. We chose the obvious one and turned towards Cable Car route which was our destination.

Obvious Route
The route turned out to be more scenic and we were happy to choose the route until we saw a roadblock as visible in the picture below. There was a gap of around 20 feet on road and we could see the other side but there was no way we could cross the gap on bike. There was no trace of any other human being around who could took us out of situation. There was no other option other then turning back but it would have cost us an extra hour plus many extra kilometers.

The Roadblock

As we were about to turn back, on the road side we saw a very narrow track leading into forest. We decided to give it a try and started slowly traversing the bumpy way. The track was moving away from road towards downhill and all of a sudden the same track turned in different direction again towards main road.In 2 minutes we were on the road on the other side of hurdle.

There is no better time to find something when you are about to lose hope. We were happy to be back on the road and continue the journey. We realized technology can help us to a great extent but there is always a limitation. You can get a route but you don’t know always know the status of the route. You can plan things but you can’t always guarantee plan will execute as it is. Life and travel are all about finding alternate ways when hit by roadblock. Isn’t it ?

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