Looking for a weekend destination equidistant from Hyderabad and Banglore ? Hampi can server as one of the answer to it. Hampi, which is a small heritage town in Karnataka has emerged as a popular destination for all kinds of tourists. The popularity of Hampi can also be attributed to presence of   UNESCO world heritage sites. If you are visiting the southern part of India then Hampi deserves a prominent position in your itinerary.

Hampi is famous for ruins of Vijayanager Empire.  There are temples to visit, boating options  in river, delicious multi-cusine food available and resorts on other side of river to party. If you are considering a religious tour or a trip with family then stay on Hampi side.  To have alcohal and non-veg food, make some effort, cross the river and stay on other other side.

Buses are available from Hyderabad and Banglore till Hospet which is a bigger town in comparison to Hampi. You will find bigger hotels in Hospet but to enjoy Hampi you should stay in Hampi only. There are many guest houses available which though may not have luxury rooms but provide descent accommodation at affordable prices. In addition you don’t need to travel to Hampi from Hospet every day. Hospet is located around 15 kilometers from Hampi and can be reached either by bus, shared taxis or autos.

So pack your bags, have the tickets and let’s start for Hampi.

Itinerary :

Day 0 : Start from Hyderabad by an overnight bus to Hampi

Day 1 : Day tour of Hampi

Day 2 : Visit Anegundi situated on the other side of river.  Later in the evening board return bus to Hyderabad

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