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Wishing all my readers a very happy new year.  I hope 2016 was an awesome year for you and 2017 will be more awesome.

As 2016 came to an end, I was trying to turn back the pages and note down what I learnt in last year. I completed one year with my permanent travel partner, so had a lot of new learning on the way. Some of the key notes are :

  1. Traveling as a couple does not equate to luxury travel always.  Yes, there will be an increase in accommodation cost but doesn’t imply every time you need to stay in a resort. I was staying in cleaner and comfortable rooms earlier too, so nothing much changed. Same goes for public transport and food options. Sometimes you need to skip choices which you would have made earlier, otherwise basic necessities remain same.
  2. Having said that there are some things which definitely change :). I had to write this to make point number 1 believable :). If you haven’t experienced fights on travels, you will experience now. Important thing is how you recover from that. I won’t give any advice as it is handled on case by case basis :).
  3. Your wife is always right. I believe this applies everywhere but can confirm at least on travels :).
  4. I have repeated this earlier and will repeat again. Some of the best things on travel happen which are unplanned. To give an example, I had not done any pre-booking while visiting Paro in Bhutan. I found a wonderful cottage facing the river at Rs. 2000/night.  I myself feel it was worth more than that.
  5. People you meet on travels contribute equally to experience in addition to the place you visit.  It may be your driver, your guest house owner or random fellow traveler, they can enhance your experience to next level or sometimes spoil it.
  6. No matter how much experience you gain, you will always make mistakes. It’s ok and you should be quickly moving on instead of regretting about something.
  7. There is no fun in rushing to see 15 places in a day or 4 cities in 5 days. Slow down and prefer quality over quantity.
  8. Don’t decide your destinations based on what others are doing. Your likes and dislikes, budget and current situation are different from others.

2016 was a satisfactory year and even though I was not able to strike off any thing from my wish list, I inched forward keeping them in mind. I am optimistic for year 2017 and wish to visit at least one new country or a state in India where I haven’t been before. I am looking at map and checking out the possibilities. We will see what happens till 31st December, 2017. With each year passing by, the game will become more interesting. Welcome to 2017.

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    Of all the points, I totally agree on point 3 😉

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