Galle Fort is the crown of Galle town. It reminded me of Fort Aguada in Goa, India.  Both were built by Portuguese and hence have similar structure. Both are built near sea-shore and both have beautiful views of sea waves when you lean against their walls. In short both are a good spot for spending couple of hours.

Galle Fort is located very near to Galle bus stand and railway station so it might be a good idea to visit it couple of hours before your departure time from city. You can put your luggage at railway station at a nominal fees. From there you can simply walk to the fort along side Galle Cricket Stadium. The same cricket stadium which I had seen on TV many times was in front of my eyes from Galle Fort. There are couple of benches at the fort from where one can enjoy the match if it’s going on .

Galle Cricket Stadium


Free Seat to Watch Cricket Match

There are lots of touts in and around this fort so you need to be careful with strangers you meet at this fort. I had a first hand experience when I visited. I had read about it on Wikitravel but had forgotten about the warning for some time. To start the conversation the person asked me the time. Then the conversation started and when I asked him about the way to fort he accompanied me till the fort. Till that point everything was fine and nothing suspicious. After reaching the fort I expected the person to leave but instead he continued further and started explaining about the fort. Sensing something fishy I asked the person to carry on from there and I told him I would like to stay at a particular point for some time. To my surprise he said he is not going to office that day. Now I was sure that there is something wrong going on, so I asked him again politely to leave and then he proved my doubts were correct. He started demanding for money and I told him I didn’t ask you for any guide service. Remember there is no entry fees for the fort and any one asking for money to enter or guide is a tout.

As you walk further along the walls of fort, you get some very good views of the sea hitting the fort.
The greenery inside the fort, rocks inside the sea and people around make it a good place for a walk. There is also a restaurant inside the fort and at the same time there are some small tea shops on the road near by which you can see from a distance. Choice is entirely yours.

Rocks In Sea

View of Sea from Fort

Sea Waves Hitting the Walls

Time to Say Goodbye

It was a beautiful evening but it was time to leave Galle. In fact it was time to leave Sri Lanka in couple of hours. With each travel experience you learn something and its the experiences that prepare you further for the next one. Sri Lanka was full of good experiences along with few grey ones. I hope Lanka will call me again. The Kingdom Of Ravana is worth visiting.

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  1. Bharath Kumar 1 October, 2015 at 3:54 PM Reply

    Hi Makrand,
    Good post, very informative.

    I, along with my family (daughter of 11yrs) have planned to travel to the “Kingdom of Ravana”. we will be reaching Colombo around couple of hrs before dawn (2:20 AM ST). We don’t really book hotels online, we want to see and pick our hotels. I am looking at different blogs to plan my itinerary.

    Do you have any information on the suggested itinerary and must see places in SL?
    We have planned for a 4 day trip to SL.


    • Makrand 4 October, 2015 at 10:36 AM Reply

      Hi Bharath,

      For 4 days I would suggest to stick to one place and see around either Kandy or Galle. If you prefer to stay around hills then Kandy is a good option and if you prefer to stay near beach then Galle could be your choice. You can read about Hortan National Park in this blog if that interests you. I think there is nothing great to see in Colombo so you don’t need to spend much time there. However since you are landing at very early in morning so check out your commute option if you decide to proceed directly. Covering both Galle and Kandy in 4 days would be too rushed.I suggested these 2 places as they are nearer from Colombo. I assume your are travelling in next couple of months so it would be good time weather wise in western side. There is yala national park which is very famous but please research about it as it may be far to be covered up in 4 days. Hope this helps.

      • Bharath Kumar 4 October, 2015 at 5:12 PM Reply

        Hi Makrand,
        Thanks for your suggestion.
        In 4 days you suggest seeing only 2 places? Can you please let me know what must see places are near Kandy? I don’t think my itinerary has Galle. My itinerary which covers Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Colombo in 4 days. I am planing to change Colombo to Galle (need to check with my tour operator).
        Can we drive to airport from Galle? I did some research and found its possible in 3-3.5 hrs.

        We will have a car at our disposal when we land in Colombo, so want to make best use of the 4 days.

        Please suggest.


        • Makrand 5 October, 2015 at 8:52 PM Reply

          Hi Bharath,

          Having a taxi at your hand will save you some time. I understand you will want to make best use of 4 days but having a too much rushed plan won’t help as well so try to strike a balance. Nuwara Eliya is near Kandy so I considered it a part of plan to Kandy. If you visit Hortan National park then it would take almost a day. About other places to see in Kandy you can check on tripadvisor. Yes, galle to airport is possible and road condition is good.

  2. sreenivasan 9 January, 2016 at 2:20 PM Reply

    Dear Makrand,
    happy to get such person who is willing to share his experience and knowledge. first of all I thank your effort. I am planning to visit SRILANKA from July 5th to 10th – 6 Days. I am on the way from Kuwait to Kerala for my annual vacation , Travelling with my wife and 2 daughters of 13 & 11. I am planning to book my hotel and local transport as a package prior to travel.Sir, my queries are
    1) Can we have On arrival visa , when we travel from Kuwait ? I don’t have any credit card , is currency transaction accepted?
    2) can you please brief me for places to be covered within 5 days?
    3) I have some extra luggage , is there any clock room available in the Air port?

    Thank you once again

  3. Makrand 13 January, 2016 at 6:39 PM Reply

    Hi Sreenivasan,

    You can get on arrival visa in Srilanka if you are traveling from Kuwait. I believe in that case payment has to be made in USD cash and not by credit card. Credit card is required when you take electronic visa prior to your arrival as mentioned in this post.

    In 5 days you can cover Kandy and Galle which are visited by majority of tourists. Again it depends on your interest if you want to visit national park like yala national park. In that case you might not be able to visit kandy.

    3. Not sure about the clock room at airport. Please check airline website. I do remember there is a luggage room at railway station though. I had put my bag there for a day.

    Hope this helps. Have a good trip.

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