As I land at the airport, I see the politicians’ posters spread everywhere starting from airport itself. I come out of airport, cab driver picks me up along with few friends, and starts driving on outer ring road with two lanes. Few seconds later, I see a truck coming from opposite direction in our lane without blowing any horn. I first look at the truck then at my cab driver and both have decided not to reduce the speed. It starts looking like a question of ego and none of them are ready to give up. As vehicles approach further towards each other, I am slightly in a state of shock and waiting for our driver to change the direction. The driver on the other hand is chewing the Pan casually and still continues driving. Finally he decides to drift away and we have a great escape at the last moment. In 5 minutes I have realized this is the city where everyone is Nawab in their own way.

Welcome to Lucknow – the city of Nawabas which is a multicultural capital of Uttar Pradesh. One of the most well-known place of Lucknow is Bada Imambara which is a complex consisting of multiple buildings. It has a mosque and a maze called Bhul Bhulaiya.  So, lets walk through it via some pictures:

Bada Imambara Facade


Complex with Garden and Buildings

Structures Give a Historical View

Once Upon A Time in History

Inside Bhul Bhulaiya

View From The Top

Place to Take Pictures

Because of lack of time, I could not explore the city much. But sometimes talking with a person is enough to understand him/her and spending some time at a place is enough to understand the place. So, lets leave Lucknow for now and move to a different place soon. Stay tuned.

Things to Note:

  • Plan to visit before evening as it closes around 4-5 PM
  • Remember to carry a camera as the place has a lot of opportunity to take pics
  • Hire a guide for a better experience.


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  1. kuchbaateapnibhi 19 December, 2013 at 11:15 PM Reply

    Nice post and pics
    And the ‘nawabi’ incident was hilarious!! 🙂
    Tht attitude is not only a lucknow characteristic but its prevailing throughout UP/NCR/Haryana. Been thr, so reading tht gave me a sense of dejavu

    • Makrand 20 December, 2013 at 11:34 AM Reply

      Yes, I think a lot of people would be able to relate to it. Had seen this happening on streets but first time experienced it on airport road 🙂

  2. Tushar 20 December, 2013 at 1:15 AM Reply

    Da u r really doing a very fine workk
    A true travel diary ….

    • Makrand 20 December, 2013 at 11:33 AM Reply

      Thank you , thank you 🙂

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