North Sikkim is the most visited part of Sikkim and the underlying reasons are straight forward. It offers the picturesque views of Himalayas and gives opportunity to walk in snow. Though I had shared some pics in my Introductory Post on Sikkim, but  now pulling out more pictures from the bag. There is no harm in revisiting those snow peaks again :).

Motivation From BRO

Yes, you need constant motivation to move ahead towards North Sikkim on really bad road conditions and BRO has put this board to warn you about the same :). The earthquake few years back destroyed many roads and BRO does the best it can to improve road conditions in such difficult regions. Salute to them.

Test Your Driving Skills


There are patches like this which test driving skills of driver as there is no scope for mistake.

Shops set up Before Valley

Before proceeding towards Yumthang valley from Lachung village, there are such small shops which server tea/bread/Maggie and trust me in those freezing conditions eating just bread along with tea sitting in front of fire will taste like best food.

Snow On Road Side

BRO clears the roads every morning so that tourists like us can visit the valley. You can see the snow on both sides of road which was also on road before our arrival.

Rock On

I sat on rocks from where this view was available. There were few other strangers with me whom I didn’t know but I know what everyone was thinking. It was worth all the trouble.

Hot and Cold

Around noon time it was both cold and hot at the same time. Sun rays were very strong and felt like burning the skin. At the same time it was cold and the chilly wind was playing its part.

Not Alone
You are not alone and there are so many visitors who start the journey very early in the morning. Vehicles had to stop after a point because of snow on the road. I witnessed one of the cab getting stuck in snow and it was a scary sight to see the tires slip when it tried to get out by accelerating.

Walk and Fall

I walked very carefully still I fell down  once while walking in snow. Luckily not hurt learnt the lesson that each step requires caution.


This pictures summarizes everything. The open blue sky, snow peaked mountains at a distance, the curved roads and among all this how small humans are sitting inside those cab far away.

I hope you liked the pictures. Can you pick a favorite ?

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