I woke up a bit late in the morning but hurried up to get ready as didn’t want to waste any time in this short tour :). We started towards world famous KL Petronas towers and it was more beautiful than I had seen in pictures. I was standing in front of tallest twin towers in the world, huge steel structure and epitome of perfect engineering.

Azli knew a perfect spot from where picture can be taken at an angle to include both me and top of towers in same frame. Such experience you gain when you have taken pictures of each guest that has visited that place :). He was kind enough not to let me feel that he has seen that place thousand times. It was time to move further and see the towers from inside.

Some interesting facts about the towers which I found on Wikipedia.

  • These are tallest twin towers in the world.
  • Seven years was the time spent from planning to completion of project
  • Each towers was made by a seperate constuction company.
  • The skybridge connects 41st and 42nd floor of the buildings.
  • The towers have 88 floors ( +5 basement floors)

Twin Towers
Twin Towers

The entire area is surrounded by best 5 star hotels in KL. Big, grand, huge are some of the adjectives you can associate any thing in this area. There is also big shopping mall Suria KLCC shopping center below the towers. After spending some time in roaming around inside, we went for lunch in food court. For the first time in Malaysia, I could find lots of things to eat :). View from food court was very scenic displaying the area in front of towers.

In Front of Twin Towers
View in front of towers

Our next destination was Aquaria which is a 60,000 sq. feet aquarium in KL hosting more than 250 species of fishes. There is vast amount of information posted on various boards making it self guided tour. You need at least 4 hours to see the entire place completely.


Star Fish in Hand
Star Fish

It has a big underwater tunnel with fishes swimming 180 degrees round above you. It’s like walking inside on a moving platform.

Underwater Tunnel
Underwater Tunnel

It also hosts big fishes like Shark and other sea animals like sea horse, turtles, frogs, snakes to name a few.


By the time we came out it was about to get dark in evening. We visited a KLCC one more time to see busy mall in the evening with thousands of shopper inside it. It was time to return to home as it will take us around 1 hour to go back. I was viewing the KL streets under lights. Yes KL was shining in night and seemed it never sleeps.

KL in Night
KL in Night

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