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Putrajaya is located around 25 km form KL and is the administrative center near KL.  You can see all administrative offices like Ministry of finance, ministry of education, ministry of agriculture etc in this city. When I say offices, I mean big beautiful buildings located next to each other.

We checked out from hotel and took the luggage with us as plan was to go to airport directly in the evening. It was a final chance to capture twin towers from hotel and I didn’t miss it.

View from Hotel in Morning

Our first destination was Kuala Lumpur Towers which is a tall tower used by various organization for broadcasting purposes.  It also has a revolving restaurant at the top and you can reach their by elevator. Unfortunately when we reached there it had started raining heavily and we had to skip the plan of going to the top.  So we ordered a cup of coffee and relaxed to enjoy rains outside.  As we moved around at the bottom floor of the tower,  it was a pleasant scene to see a Diwali poster there :).

Rain in KL

Diwali in KL

Unity in diversity

Once rain had stopped it was time to go to Putrajaya. It was a very organized area with all administrative offices. Rain had stopped completely by now and we took a walking tour and sat for some time in front of PM office.


Malaysia’s PM Office

Azli kept explaining me about different offices and I was amazed by his knowledge about the details. This made me think that do I know the place where I live that well. Do I know about each and every building I see every day ? As a last point we went to the top view point from where we could see entire Putrajaya.

Top view

It was finally time to depart. Azli dropped me at the airport and I thanked him for being a great host. He showed me the city,  visited the places again which he has seen thousand times, took off from work, searched veg food at every place we ate and took pictures of me at every spot we went :). Once again thanks to Azli.

Malaysia is a country where you will want to visit again for sure. I just saw a very small part of it and hope I will go back again. There is Sabah island, there are rain-forests, there are diving places and there are beaches which are still unexplored.  May be by that time I will learn some more Malay in addition to the greetings I learnt :). After all what’s the harm in dreaming about Chai in India on one day and  Teh Tarik in Malaysia next day.


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