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Nubra Valley is situated at a distance of around 150 KM from Leh. Very rarely people make a day trip to it but ideal way is to do it in a relaxed way in two days with a night stay there. You need to cross Khardungla Pass to reach valley and thus these 150 KM journey is not a straight run away ride but a tough ride among mountains.

Our routines had changed completely after coming to Laddakh. We were going to bed at 10:30-11 and getting up 5:30 in the morning every day. Again we woke up early and were ready to depart by 7:30 in the morning. Our cab brand new white Innova had arrived and we were very happy with condition of cab. Our driver had a great collection of songs to be played en route. The route will test your driving skills as you have to overtake several army trucks on a very narrow road. After moving for another hour we could see snow on sides of road and it was very exciting to see. I lowered the glasses of window and chill current of air pierced through ears.

Army Trucks in a queue
Army Trucks

Around 9:30 in the morning we were at top of Khardungla Pass which is at height 18380 feet and claimed to be world’s highest motor-able road. There is an army canteen, a souvenir shop and a temple at the top. Army canteen servers free tea to any one stopping there and it’s absolutely recommended there. You can also order maggie noddles there for a quick breakfast. We spent some time in taking pictures and it was freezing. We met an army battalion which was heading to Siachin Glacier. I felt from heart to give them salute and conveyed same to them. Do not spend much time at Khardungla top specially if you are not acclimatized fully as you may get sick very soon and endanger further trip.

Khardungla Pass
Khardungla Pass

Army Canteen
Army Canteen

Siachen Glacier

Army heading to Siachen
Indian Army

We moved some fifty meters further and saw road was blocked due to snowfall last night. BRO was clearing them and we could move further after 15 minutes. We continued our journey and I could see white clouds almost at our car level. Nubra valley is full of breathtaking views. We stopped on the way in a garden restaurant around noon time.


Near Restaurant
Near Restaurant

After taking some rest we proceeded towards our first destination in valley named Disket Monastery. The view from the top was simply amazing and there was huge Buddha Statue The weather had changed a bit and bright sun was out there in sky. From inside it is similar to other monasteries but the huge statue is unique.

On the way to Diksit
Near Diskit

View from Top
View from top

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue

Our next destination was Hunder village and we searched for a guest house there. We got a very basic but clean guest house near by sand dunes. Remember accommodation options in Hunder will be limited as compared to Diskit but you would be fine unless you are looking for extra luxury. After getting refreshed we immediately moved towards sand dunes as it was evening time.

On the way to Hunder
On the way to Hunder

Hunder Village
Hunder Village

When we reached the place it was simply beautiful small desert. It was a wonder from where this much sand came into a green valley. We saw hundreds of double humped camels which are found in Nubra only, ready to give tourists a ride. We decided to go for a ride else our visit would seem incomplete and we were not disappointed. It was a beautiful evening and a slow but long camel ride was worth it. While returning we captured some more pics and returned to Guest house.

Reflection in Sand Dunes

Walking towards Sand Dunes

Double Humped Camel

Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes

Our dinner was ready in some time and home made food really tasted good. A surprise was there when we saw camp fire getting ready. Few more people from nearby homes were called and music was played. Our driver also joined us and we danced on Ladakhi songs with Panjabi Bhangra steps under a clear sky with stars around the camp fire. I will never forget the experience. The show continued till everyone got exhausted and it was time to go to sleep.

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