In return journey from Hunder you can see Panmik Springs and your cab plan should include this when you start from Leh. Next day we started our return journey around 8 in the morning and visited Panmik hot springs on the way. The route was different but again equally scenic. The roads even in village are in excellent condition and will beat any metro city in this regard.

Return Journey
Return Journey

Along the way
Along the way

We reached spring around 10 in the morning and could see boiling steamed water coming out of ground. Another magic by nature as the entire area except that was very cold and here we were seeing hot water coming out which you can’t even touch. There is a facility to take bath by mixing cold water in case you want to refresh yourselves.

Panamik Hot Springs
Hot Springs

View near hot springs
View Near Hot Spring

After spending some time there, we thought we will return to Leh but there was a surprise from driver and he took us to a lake which is not visible from road. Our cab went through an uneven way full of stones for around 1 KM off the way and he informed us there is a sacred lay at some distance which we need to trek. The locals believe that few fortunate people can see the reflection of Lahasa temple in tibet and other people like us see their own reflection :).

Way to SacredLake

Look Closely
Look Closely

Sacred Lake

Our cab in desert
Cab in Desert

It was a peaceful place and we rested besides lake for half an hour and then continued the journey back. On the way we stopped for lunch at a road side restaurant and food was ok. While returning from Khardungla pass we noticed the snow on hills had increased and indicated there was a snow fall last night. The return journey was very smooth. Our favorite songs were being played and we were enjoying the scenery on the way back.

Snow on the way

Layer of Snow

We reached Leh by 5 in the evening. After returning to hotel we heard the news that one person in next room was hospitalized last night as they got stuck at Khardungla in snow fall while coming back. So itThey were on a day trip to Nubra. We felt bad but thanked our luck that we didn’t return the same day as we might have ended in trouble. We took our dinner and went to bed early as next day we had to go on a day trip to Pangong Lake.

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