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Travelling to Northernmost border of India not only needs planning but determination, information and of course some funding :). I started planning about trip with my friend Abhishek almost 3 months before travel date and pretty soon I realized the trip will require sufficient research to travel on our own.

Ladakh which sounds glamourous to read about is actually a cold desert. It requires long hectic travels to go from one place to another but of course you get to see wonderful landscapes on all routes. It’s the region that introduced me about AMS (Do not ignore reading about it how much you are tempted to do so. You will know the reason once you are in Ladakh). I am not the best person to explain AMS and you can find tons of information about it from different forums. But I will stress again and again to read about it before going there. In short Ladakh is heaven but you need to put efforts to reach there. This is true specially if you want to plan entire trip on your own.

There are three way to reach Ladakh. Taking a flight to Leh is the quickest way but you need to put extra days to acclimatize. The second way is to take a two day  long road route from Srinagar. The third option is to go from Manali.  After considering recommendations from earlier travelers I finalized road route from Srinagar and now I recommend it to any one going to Ladakh. You will find some of the most beautiful landscapes on this route which you will miss if you take a flight. Also the road route help you acclimatize gradually to increasing altitude.

Travel Map

After researching Internet for several days (special mention to indiamike and, I finalized following  9 day itinerary which I feel is minimum number of days required.

Day 1 : Hyderabad – > Delhi -> Srinagar

Day 2 : Srinagar -> Drass -> Kargil

Day 3 : Kargil -> Leh

Day 4 : Leh local sight seeing

Day 5 : Leh – > Khardungla Pass – > Diksit -> Hunder

Day 6 : Hunder -> Panamik -> Khardungla Pass -> Leh

Day 7 : Leh -> Changla Pass -> Pangong Lake -> Changla Pass -> Leh

Day 8 : Side Trip out of Leh to Shey Monastery and Sindhu Darshan

Day 9 : Leh -> Delhi -> Hyderabad

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  1. Navmi Krishna 8 August, 2013 at 7:58 AM Reply

    I’ve been going through your blog for the past few week. I just popped in to say “Bravo!”. I’m a travel enthusiast myself (erm..ok..wannabe-travel-enthusiast :P) and I’ve been following quite a few travel blogs.
    What sets your blog apart is that you take the effort to write out the itinerary and explain how you decided on it.
    Lovely! Esp this one on Kashmir!
    Keep up the awesome work!! 🙂

    • Makrand 9 August, 2013 at 8:55 PM Reply

      Thank you so much :-). Keep the enthusiasm and wish you good luck for visiting places you want to see. Feedback like this keeps me motivated. Keep visiting and hope to hear from you again

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  3. Sriram 22 October, 2014 at 7:59 PM Reply

    Makrand your blogs are surely information. I am from Akbar Gulf Travels located in UAE. Great info. Feel free to contact us on for any family holidays or even group departures to a DESTINATION OF YOUR CHOICE.

  4. kailashexpeditions 25 February, 2016 at 4:55 PM Reply

    Nice Photo, Ladakh which sounds glamorous to read about is actually a cold desert.

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