My flight from Hyderabad was scheduled to start at midnight. As soon as I entered the flight of Malaysian airlines, I felt like I am already outside India. Air hostesses had changed from Indian to Malaysian origin, flight had changed from a small aircraft to bigger one and announcements had changed from Hindi to Malay :). Luckily there were no passengers beside me so I had the luxury of sleeping full stretched in economy class.

It was a four hour journey and I had a good sleep thanks to the pillow and blankets provided. I reached KL airport at 7:35 in the morning local time. After getting my passport stamped for Entry permit , I collected my luggage and started looking for calling booth. Azli was returning from Doha same day and had already reached. KL airport is a huge airport and it took me multiple calls to his cell to locate him. It was still like a dream and I wasn’t able to believe that I am at KL airport meeting Azli after 3 years.

We had a coffee at airport and then I purchased a local SIM so that I can connect at home. There was a special plan for calling to India and turned out to be very cheap (something around 3 Rs./min). Our next flight to Langkawi was scheduled at 11 AM which was of around 1 hour duration. Azli had already made bookings for resort and rented a car for local sightseeing.

We came out of airport and our car was waiting outside for us :). We headed towards Cenang Beach where our resort was located.

Way To Cenang Beach
Way to Cenang

We took rest for an hour and then went in a nearby street to buy some souvenirs. By that time it was evening and time to go to beach. It was very beautiful in the evening there with lot of water activities going on and sun was about to set in some time. I had some stunning view in front of me to capture in just perfect light.

Sunset at Beach

Sunset View 2
sunset view 2

Ship in Sea
Ship in Sea

It had become dark by now and our 3 other friend Sai, Pankaj and Jaideep who flew from Singapore had arrived. We went to pick up them from airport and now we all were on the beach again. The same beach looked completely different now and had turned into a party beach. We went to one open beach restaurant where full on party was going on just like I had seen in movies earlier :).

Beach in night
Beach in Night

DJ was playing on full and a guy was displaying some fire tricks ( A rod with fire on both ends and was swinging it in different way on beats of music ). Being a teetotaler on such a places is not good at all and I had to order a Coke :). We sat on ground with a small table in front of us and ordered food. People were dancing all around and I could see people from all parts of world in a single place. We met three guys from Sweden there who were on a south east asia tour of six months. Yes you read it right six months 🙂 and I was listening to their travel stories starting from Vietnam till Malaysia.

We stayed there till 1 AM and then it was time to return to our room as next day we had to get up early to got for Cable Car and Island Hopping tour.

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