We bought this tour from a travel agent near our resort and their bus picked us to take to starting point of tour. We were taken by a big ship near the marine park and then through a small boat to marine park.

Cruise Ship

It was a lush green island with crystal clear water and I could see rocks at the bottom of water near the shore.


The tour included Snorkeling/Diving depending on the package chosen and we had opted for snorkeling. The equipment provided were of ok quality but enough to have an experience of life time. It took me some time to adjust the equipment and since I didn’t know swimming it was difficult to balance among sea waves. After few attempts finally I was able to see through at bottom and saw coral and hundreds of fishes moving around us. It was a moment full of joy and I was shouting with happiness.

Snorkling Place

Fishes were biting sometimes causing small swelling at our hands and legs. But such small things doesn’t matter when you are having such amazing experience. And then something interesting happened. I heard people shouting there is a shark and I was like what ???. I had forgot that a shark need not be always big size killer fish to be able to eat complete human but can be a small one as well. There was a shark moving quickly around which was around 2 feet long.

Clear Water
Clear Water

There was lunch break in between and I had to adjust with bread and some fruits :). We met an australian couple from Perth, Australia who told us stories about surfing. This is the part of travel I like most. You meet nice people with great stories to tell. After having some rest we again went into water. But rain wanted us to go back to rest and we had no choice. It was a drizzling rain and continued for some time. Finally it was time to return from the place and rush towards the airport.

Now the real fun had started. Our return journey took some extra time due to rain and we didn’t get chance to change our clothes. So we reached airport in wet t-shirt and 3 fourths. It was not that bad as we had thought and we could see many people dressed like us. Sai, Pankaj and Jaideep were returning to Singapore from there and I was heading to KL with Azli.

We checked in our luggage and then realized we didn’t take our spare clothes with us to change. Now real fun started after reaching KL airport. We came out in same casual beach wares and all other people around us were dressed completely formal. We were center of attraction at airport and we rushed as quickly as possible towards the exit gate. We boarded the taxi with a sigh of relief and reached Azli’s home in outskirts of KL.

View of KL from plane
KL in night

It was late in the night so we didn’t want to disturb Azli’s family for dinner. We went out to a near by restaurant where Azli had a real hard time finding something veg for me :). We came back and went back to sleep after a tiring but thrilling day. I closed my eyes dreaming about how KL twin towers will look next day.

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