Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in Maharashtra located around 120 KM from Pune.  The place is known for its pleasant weather, sightseeing points and  Strawberry farms. The peak tourist season is considered from October to May. But sometimes visiting a place in so-called off-season is not that bad but in-fact provides different views and Mahabaleshwar in rains is one such example.

The rainy season is from June end to September and it rains heavily there. So most of the tourist avoid to go at that time. You can’t visit the famous sight-seeing points mentioned in various guide books but if you go with an open agenda without planning to tick mark all sites visited, you can equally enjoy the place in rains.

The biggest plus point is that multiple waterfalls get formed due to rains as water falls from hills just beside the roadside. The best part is they are completely safe as they end on road so there is no risk involved. Get completely wet, shiver and have tea on one of the road side tea stalls. Go to hill-top, move among clouds, eat ice-cream and corns in very light rains. There are n number of ways to enjoy in rains. Of-course it may rain very heavy in between so having a cab/minibus is best option. It will be green all around and its a superb experience to walk in rains when its light rain.

Vehicle for Trip

Panchgani which is located around 20 KM from Mahabaleshwar can be covered together with it. I was there with 12 more friends 🙂 and we were on a weekend trip there. We stayed in Panchgani and started our tour from there. The one famous spot we visited was Table Land which is a plateau. It was very cold due to rains and we were walking among clouds.

Table Land

View from the Hills

Biker on the Edge

Next day was planned for a sight-seeing tour but it started raining from the morning. Initially it was a bit disappointing that no sight-seeing points will be accessible. But slowly we could witness the other side of the coin. It was very green and fresh everywhere around.

Greenery in forest

River in Flow

Rain will slow down and will eventually stop in between and that’s the best time for you. This is the time to roam around and take pictures :). Finally look for one of the waterfall formed along roadside and rush into the cold water falling from above. It will be a moment to cherish for sure.

Waterfall Scene 1

Waterfall Scene 2

It will be difficult to express the experience that was totally worth it. So if you have opportunity to visit the place in rains and holding back just because of it, then give it a try. Remember risk has it’s rewards as well.:)

Tips :

  • As mentioned earlier, it rains heavily there so be prepared to miss your regular sight-seeing points.
  • Traffic jams might be there due to rains, so chances will be to get stuck for 1-2 hours.
  • Though waterfalls are safe but rocks will be slippery, so move slowly and steady.
  • Carry warm clothes as it will be cold in night.
  • Don’ t forget to visit Maple’s Strawberry outlets where you can buy Strawberry products like Jam, candies and other similar items.
  • Accommodation is overpriced in many hotels so plan accordingly.
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