I had been reading about eight sisters for a long time.  I had read they are beautiful but never got a chance to meet them in person. They live at a far distance and it takes time to reach them. Moreover despite of all on-line information resources,  the path leading to them does not look easy. The seven sisters out of eight stay in a closer circle, so I thought let’s first meet the eighth one who stays comparatively  closer.  So, I have packed my bags and starting the journey towards her home.

Sikkim which is a state in North East part of India is not grouped with seven states of North East India but because of close proximity a lot of times Sikkim is referred as eighth sister.  Sharing its border with Bhutan, Nepal and China,  the Himalayan state is known for natural beauty of the region.

I do not have a fixed itinerary for the entire trip except the starting point Gangtok and will travel as things happen and appear after reaching.  There are several reasons behind this open-ended plan. This is not yet start of season in Sikkim so I have to depend on weather conditions. I have a plan A, B and C in mind but do not know which one will get executed :). It looks like I will not be able to visit North Sikkim as roads may not be open but will check once I reach Gangtok.  Moreover weather forecast states that it will rain in coming days so not sure how will be the road conditions.

This is the first time I will be travelling solo in India and for some reasons I find it more intimidating than my first solo travel in Turkey. The advantage I had in Turkey – It was a completely unknown place and I was completely unknown to the place.  So I didn’t get time even to think before the trip was over. Travelling solo among my own countrymen looks like a completely different situation.

There is no public transport available and only means of commute is shared taxi. I can not afford to hire a taxi for my own so will have to rely on luck that I get shared taxis available as and when I require.  The lack of information, weather forecast, limited transport options  and solo travel in India have made me a bit apprehensive.

At the same time I have faith that things will be interesting. Hopes are high and so is the spirit when I read the following quote

Bizzare travel plans are dancing lessons from God

— Kurt Vonnegut

Sikkim, I am coming 🙂

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