Next morning I boarded the bus to Prague and again I had booked my bus from Student Agency.   The route from Brno to Prague was fantastic and the yellow beds of flowers on road sides was a very pleasant site. The journey was very comfortable and though the bus had the facilities like WiFi and movies, I spent time just watching the country side. I reached Prague around 11 AM and the bus dropped me near Prague main railway station.

On the Way to Prague

I bought a metro ticket from the station. There are ticket vending machines at stations and are easy to operate. There are yellow boxes just outside the platforms where you need to get your purchased ticket stamped. I had booked a hostel in Prague and this was the first time I was going to stay in hostel. I got off the metro station and walked towards my hostel. I stayed in Equity Point Hostel where a single bed in a dorm costs around Rs. 1200 including breakfast.

The person at counter gave me access card to my room and also provided maps of Prague. The access cards are provided so that you can enter rooms without disturbing others. I had no prior experience in staying in hostel and I has my doubts about cleanliness of room. But when I entered my room it was a total surprise. This room could beat any hotel room in cleanliness. I had a top floor room where a window above me greeted sun light. There were 6 other travelers in my room and the room had a private bathroom. Each bed had a charging point near by. The setting was just perfect and my decision to experiment with hostel had paid off.

My Hostel Room


I was traveling solo till that day and next day my friend was going to join me. So I was thinking from where to start and hence came down stairs to get a map from counter. I met a guy from Columbia in hostel lobby area, we spoke for 5 minutes and he instantly became my friend. We decided to explore the city together. The best thing about him was he didn’t have a fixed agenda for the day like me so we first walked towards the river and just roamed around the city in trams. We were not in hurry to cover up tourist sites but just wanted to have a good day in Prague and experience the city.

We came to city square again and coincidentally Marathon had been organized that day in Prague. It was like a carnival and every one was cheering the participants. There was a rock band, there were cheerleaders, there was noise and there were people on both sides of roads. The whole atmosphere was very energetic. We stayed there for some time and then moved further.


Prague is a beautiful city and even if you don’t understand much about architecture you can get a sense by just observing the various buildings. The design of each building whether it is a museum, a palace or just a residential one, is something to be noted about. Though Prague is rich in architecture, there are few exceptions like below.


While I was walking with my new friend, we got to talk a lot about each other countries and culture. I explained to him about Hinduism and he explained me about Christianity. There are times when you meet people on road but very rarely you actually become friends. In one day Eddy had become a friend with whom I was talking on endless topics. I am still in touch with him and he is helping me out in learning Spanish 🙂

My first day in Prague was awesome because of Eddy. We returned to hostel, had our dinner and waved good-bye to each other. Next day our paths were to be separated but I will be meeting him some day again. Who knows may be in Columbia :). But for now it was time to sleep as next day I was going to explore Prague’s various sites and most importantly Prague Castle.

To Be Continued …

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