Next morning I left the hostel as I was supposed to meet my friend who was going to accompany me for the rest of the trip. I was going to meet him after more than 5 years. I walked from my hostel to the hotel booked which was around 3 tram stations away. Trams were closed in that area due to maintenance and I had a long walk before I reached the hotel. I opened the gate of the hotel, entered the lobby and saw him standing at the reception. It was just like movies where we were meeting in a new city of a new country after these many years.

After getting ready we headed had our lunch and then proceeded towards Petrin view tower which can be easily reached by Tram. This monument is  ‘inspired’  by Eiffel tower located uphill which can be reached by taking a funicular. The top can be reached either by stairs or a lift where viewing decks are located. The view of Prague city from here are wonderful and you can also spot Prague Castle from here.

Petrin Tower

View from Tower Top

For the next few hours we roamed around on the streets of Prague, enjoyed coffee in a cafe and had dinner in a Czech restaurant where surprisingly we were able to find some delicious veg food. Then we again walked for some time enjoying the night view of Prague which is equally beautiful. The town square is equally happening at night with so many people hanging around.

Interesting Name 🙂

Town Square at Night

Next morning we went to Prague Castle which is the most famous attraction of Prague. It can be easily reached by Tram as tram stop is just in front of Castle entry gate. Prague castle is huge complex with several structures inside and requires at least half a day even if you rush through the things. The castle has a cathedral inside the complex which is huge and one of the few structures I have seen so far which I admired for so long. There is a guided tour available which one must take as it gives you some insight about history of the castle.

Cathedral from Inside

Wonderful Architecture

Streets inside Palace

Prague from Castle

We spent 4-5 hours in Castle and then in evening headed to Charles’ bridge which is the most famous bridge on Vitava river out of 18 bridges. There were clouds along with some sun shine in evening which added to the beauty of bridge. There were people selling their sketches, souvenirs and playing music. One must spend some time on the bridge watching the people crossing by. If you want the whole bridge to yourself try going early in the morning when it will not be crowded. You can then compare which option provides a better view.

Charles’ Bridge

Next day the weather had changed and it was a quite cold day. It had rained last night and there was chance of rain in day time as well. The temperature was not that low but the chilly wind was making me feel quite cold. We went to Prague museum but it was under maintenance and was closed for few months. There was another interesting museum nearby which was about evolution of money over the time. It was a very interesting museum which explains about commerce in different parts of world, talks about few companies, currencies of different countries and how global markets operate.

Our free walking tour was scheduled around 2 PM so we spent some time in nearby cafe. It has started drizzling and I was feeling a bit disappointed thinking our tour would be spoiled. I was wrong and the tour started as scheduled. It was an unforgettable experience to have a walking tour of city with our guide and other people of group holding umbrellas in rains. I would highly recommend the tour by Sandeman company as mentioned in my free walking tour post. Try to get this tour on day 1 in Prague as your guide will give you some valuable tips about how to explore the city.

The tour lasted around 3 hours and then after having dinner we headed to hotel to pick up our bags. We had to catch our overnight train to Budapest. The train station is accessible by metro from District 2 of Prague. You can book the train tickets online. Each coach of the train has an attendant who will also check your tickets and passport. The sleeper coaches are comfortable and tea/snacks are available on train.

Prague Train Station

There is a ladder provided as well to climb to upper berth. There was a girl from Budapest who was traveling with her mother in our compartment. She asked us to wait till the luggage is arranged in compartment, before we climb up using ladder. As I was accustomed with journeys in trains in India, I didn’t need the ladder. She turned around for a moment and we had already climbed up. She was wondering how did we got up :). Smiling on her surprised reaction, we closed our eyes and slept. Next morning was scheduled in a new city in a new country. We will open our eyes in Budapest.

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      Prague is a wonderful city. I am sure you will love it.

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