Six Reasons to Visit Wayanad

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When I visited Munnar and Alleppey last year, I thought I have seen best of Kerala. But it was yet to come. Wayanad which is less popular as compared to other places in Kerala (at least from what I had read earlier), is a beautiful place that will surprise you. I didn’t have much expectation from this place before I reached and I was totally surprised by the beauty of it.

Following are the six reasons to visit Wayanad :

1. To enjoy views from Chembra Peak : This is one of the most interesting attraction in Wayanad. Though number of visitors are less as it is not convenient for families to trek but if you have minimum level of fitness then you must visit this place. Details of my experience of this trek can be found here –   Climbing Towards Chembra Peak

2. To visit Edakkal Caves :  Most of the places in Wayanad requires some effort before you can enjoy views. These caves are no exception. You need to walk on a steep way for 1 Km before you can reach even ticket counter from parking itself. And if this is not enough then you need to climb further before you can reach top and see the caves. Entry to caves closes around 4 PM so plan to reach at least an hour before that so that you do not need to exert yourself by rushing to top.

Way to Caves

Views from Edakkal Caves

3. Enjoy a calm evening at Karapuzha Dam : After a tiring day visit to this dam can be a soothing change. This is very easily accessible and the entire area looks extremely beautiful after rain. Have a walk towards the dam while enjoying getting wet by drizzling rain. You have to experience it to understand it. No words can justify what below pictures are trying to tell you.

Karapuzha Dam

Water stored in Dam

An Evening after Rains

4. To Enjoy Soochippara Waterfall : This waterfall is like a regular waterfall but it is in full swing in monsoon. It requires a trek of 1 KM on a difficult path made of stone and final stretch requires help from a rope to maintain balance on steps. It is not advisable for older people and people with kids as the path is a bit risky and there are chances of injury if you fall down. One good thing is they don’t allow plastic bag to be taken near by falls and needs to be deposited at the entrance. Also if you are carrying water bottle then a deposit of Rs. 20 has to be made to make sure you bring back the plastic. The money is refunded once you return and it’s an excellent system to conserve nature which should be implemented everywhere in country.


5. To Enjoy Boat Ride near Banasura Dam : Banasura dam is an ideal place to visit with family. It is easily accessible, has children park near the dam, well maintained and has motor boat rides available. The motor boat costs Rs. 500 for a group of 5 people. So if you are less in number say 2 or 3 then you can share it with another similar group.

Banasura Dam

6. To enjoy the greenery: Wayanad is full of natural as well as man-made tea plantation greenery all around. So in addition to visiting above places, you can have eye-catching views every now and then. Here is one such instance just near Kerala check post.

A Hut in Fields


  • The first thing to remember is Wayanad is not a single place but a complete district. This means that places of interest are scattered apart and are many kilometers apart. Moreover most of the places require a considerable amount of walking or climbing from the main road. So do not expect to get out of your car and enjoy the waterfall or visit caves. Exception are the two dams that are very easily accessible and offer lovely views of water bodies.
  • There are two kinds of accommodation available in Wayanad – resorts which will be located out of main city, offering beautiful  views but expensive or budget hotels which are inside town but inexpensive. Depending on your interest and budget you can choose your place of stay and there are plenty of options in each category. If you want to go for budget hotels, it is very easy to get a good non ac double room in town for around Rs. 600 which is pocket friendly :).
  • Another important point is if you are traveling by rented car and coming from Bangalore side, try to reach Kerala border before 12:30 PM. It takes a lot of time at check post and if the lunch hour starts for check post office then you will be wasting considerable time in waiting to get permits.
  • Most of places on interest close down around 4-4:30 PM. So start early in the morning. Moreover do not try to cover too many places in a single day as it will become tiring. Maximum of 3 places in a day is sufficient.
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  1. Fiyaz 13 July, 2014 at 5:36 PM Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful description and up to the point blog!

    • Makrand 14 July, 2014 at 3:45 PM Reply

      My pleasure Fiyaz 🙂

  2. Anas 10 December, 2014 at 6:06 PM Reply

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  3. T.Ganesh 10 March, 2015 at 7:44 PM Reply

    I want to visit Wayanad during this diwali vacation…along with Coorg,Kabini & if possible Mysore…We can spare 10-11 days(Ex-Mumbai)…Can you help me in fine tuning the itinerary?

  4. Neelam Saini 15 June, 2015 at 3:50 PM Reply

    Hi Makrand, that was a very helpful article. I have a few queries for you. How is Wayanad Mid Aug, we are a group of trekkers planning to visit it for 2 days. How would you structure these two days for us ? We will be coming from Coorg. We shall be interested in adventure activities like nature walks, camping, trekking alongwith sight seeing. Let me know what do you suggest

    • Makrand 15 June, 2015 at 9:43 PM Reply

      Hi Neelam,

      It might be raining heavily in Kerala during Mid Aug though it depends on forecast on your chosen days of travel. So you have to take your chances. I don’t have camping experience so can’t suggest anything on that. A simple itinerary for 2 days can be to keep 1 day for Chembra peak trek and second day for rest of the sightseeing mentioned in the post. If weather is good then you would love the trek to Chembra peak and can spend plenty of time there.

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