One of the most interesting aspect of travel for me is opportunity to meet people whom I would have never met otherwise. It may be a 2 minute interaction or a company on a day trip but there is always something which I have learnt from each person I have met. We forget things which we read in books or listen in tutorials but we always remember the experiences. The video is permanently stored in our brains and hence it is easy to recall. I may not remember names of these people but their pictures are stored in my senses :). Many of the travelers whom I met have motivated me in some way or other  and here are some of those chapters which you can read from ‘My Travel Diary’ :).

1. Three Swedish Guys : They were the first people who introduced me to concept of backpacking. I was sitting in a beach side restaurant at Langkawi Islands along with few other friends. It was around midnight and party on beach was in full swing.  As it was very crowded all the tables were occupied.  Three college students from Sweden joined our table and we started casual conversation. I asked them how long is your trip and the reply I got was six months. I was surprised and I asked again – six months ? Before that moment I had never heard that people travel for months across the planet.  Then told their 6 months travel plan which started from Australia and continued through South East Asia via Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. Sounds like a plan right ?

2. An Indian Mother : While returning from Bangkok to India I met a lady in flight. She was returning from a 5 days trip in Thailand. She was a mother of 8 years old son and was also corporate employee. One can imagine the responsibilities she has with her. But still she took out time to follow her passion for travel. Of course her family supported her in sharing responsibilities so  that she can travel alone, but still it is not easy at all. She was the person who taught me that travel in Africa is super expensive even though it comprises of some of the poorest countries on Earth.

3.  Three Old Friends : In Leh at top of Shanti Stupa, I met three old friends from Delhi. When I say old, I mean in their sixties. They were so enthusiastic at this age and drove all the way from Delhi to Leh by themselves.  I could sense the happiness in their voices when they were talking with us. We hardly spoke for 5 minutes but in those 5 minutes they helped me answer a question, “How I want to be after thirty years ?”.  I just want to be as alive as them.

4. Two Sisters From Puerto Rico : I had not heard about Puerto Rico before I met them in Turkey. They were sisters who were working in USA in two different cities. One on the East Coast and other on the West Coast. Both of them were interested in travelling as well. So whenever they wanted to meet each other, instead of going to each other’s place they would fly to a new location so that they can meet each other as well as visit a new place. Now that’s what I call innovation.

5. Bloggers : I have learnt so much from people whom I have never met but their articles are great tutorials. They have taught me how to travel light,  how to save costs, how to plan travels and numerous other things. Above all they have taught me there are so many people in world who are passionate about travel despite of all difficulties associated. Their experiences have taught me that not every day on trip is going to be a happy story but important things is to stand up again next day with same enthusiasm.

This is an on going learning course and I am hopeful I will meet such teachers in future as well. They not only motivate to travel but educate about what’s happening around the world. They don’t know they have inspired me and same way we don’t know whom we are inspiring. Each one of us teaches the other person something without realizing it and the beauty lies in this fact only. So enjoy what you do in your daily routine because you never know who is learning from you.

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I am a Travel Blogger from India. This blog is a collection of my travel experiences and learnings. I share my travel stories to introduce the wonderful places that I have visited and thus have virtual tours with readers:). If you liked reading my travel blog, please comment to share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

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