Travel is not always just getting out but sometimes also getting out of comfort zone. I am not an adventure travel enthusiast and though I have been part of some small activities here and there, I hadn’t been on any pure trekking trip. To start something new we should always begin with small steps and I came across such opportunity for a short trek yesterday.

Hyderabad Trekking Club is a volunteer based club in Hyderabad which organizes different treks in and outside Hyderabad. I registered for a beginners trek to Peerancheruvu Boulders and it turned out to be a new learning experience for me. It was a good first step towards exploring the trekking experience.

Peerancheruvu Boulders are located around 10 KM from Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad and easily accessible. Members were required to arrange own vehicles to reach the trekking point. It was a beginners trek so the only other requirements were to wear sport shoes, drinking water and energy drink if required. Just like any other adventure activity, you are attempting this trek on your own risk and need to sign the declaration for it.

The group gathered around 5:45 in the morning in city centre and from there continued to the Peerancheruvu. After reaching the base you start moving uphill on rocks and some rocks on the way are the challenges to climb. It appears a bit easy to climb from a distance but for beginners it turns out to be a challenge. That is where the role of the leader becomes important who knows exactly where to place your legs and push to get desired momentum.

Trek Lead

The trek involves moving through these rocks and crossing the bushes along the way. There was one tough spot where we were supposed to put legs on one rock and back on the other and then move slowly downwards by walking vertically downwards step by step. It was just 10 feet deep but that was enough to test strengths.

Views from the top were good in the morning. Moreover weather was also perfect for trek as it was cloudy but not raining. Sitting on the top of rocks at a height in a good weather compensates easily for the loss of Sunday morning sleep 🙂

View from Top

Scattered Rocks

Early Morning Sky

We had a very energetic group and everyone helped each other whenever required. Most of them were beginners like me and everyone completed their first trek successfully. It was also a diversified group with people from different streams so it was a great to interact with everyone.

Trek Group

So, if you do not have time to go out of your city but still want to travel, such trekking tours are ideal way. Not only they will be light on your pocket but will be lot of fun. It requires few hours in the morning and sacrifice of weekend sleep :). Moreover they give you a chance to get rid of the typical excuse “I want to travel but I can not”. Search in your city and you will find similar groups. It’s all about taking the first step.

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