• The connection time between two flights should not be less than 4 hours.
  • You are carrying minimum luggage, at most a backpack that you can carry with you easily.
  • You understand the purpose is not to see something great but utilize the time available which otherwise would be spent sitting idle at airport.
  • You are on a domestic travel.


This very short trip involves a risk of getting stuck into traffic and eventually missing the flight if return travel time estimated incorrectly. So do it at your own risk taking into consideration the consequences. Author is not responsible for any losses incurred.


If there is a connection time of 4 or more hours and do not want to sit at the airport then you can make a quick visit to Juhu beach in Mumbai. Juhu beach is located around 7 KM from airport and takes around 20-25 minutes by auto/taxi. As soon as your flight lands rush quickly towards exit gate and once you are outside you can see a taxi/auto stand. To save expenses don’t take auto from airport and walk towards main road and hire an auto. Make sure the driver uses the meter. One way drive from airport to beach will cost around Rs. 70.

Juhu beach is in-fact a dirty beach and would rank very low in terms of cleanliness. But there is other side to it. In spite of being dirty it is highly popular among locals and you can spot people from all age jogging alongside, playing cricket/football or just having a walk. I took a long walk towards the right hand side of beach for around 30 minutes. It’s a long sandy beach and you can see sand patters formed by waves. There are a bunch of food shops which constitute the Juhu Chaupati.

Sand Patterns
Sand Patters

If you take a left from the side where auto/taxi would drop, you will find a better side of beach which is not very good but at least manageable. It’s a much better side for clicking pictures. This is one of the beaches which are more enjoyable from a distance than actual water. I stood for some time at a nearby shop and I enjoyed it better.

Left Side of Beach
Beach left
Keep an eye on the watch and compute the time by which you should be back at the airport. Have some snacks at nearby food shops, have coconut water and relax. While returning back, do remember there are multiple terminals and your terminal will depend on your airlines. E.g. if you have to board flight from Indigo Airline then you need to go to terminal 1B and thus need to take a left from the main road. As you enter the airport you can do a self-check-in as you don’t have any luggage to check in. Hope you find visiting beach better than sitting at airport. At-least I found it :).


  •  Having seen this beach, you need not visit again on your next Mumbai visit.
  •  You save cost of eating at airport that would be more expensive than food shops at beaches.
  •  A walk at beach is always better than sitting at airport.
  •  If you got an hour extra you can visit Iskon Temple which is also nearby but haven’t done it personally.
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