Stop. Don’t judge the post by the title and assume this post as a philosophical one. This was just my answer to myself when I got a bit concerned about my reduced travel activities.

Flash back to two years and I was rolling on a roller coaster of travel plans. On any particular day I would already have bookings for next two travel destinations. I knew where I would be going next weekend, next month and also next 6 months. Back to present and the story isn’t exactly the same. I am still traveling but the roller coaster ride has been transformed into monorail. This was noticed by a lot of people who know me and is also apparent from blog postings.

A lot of people ask me where is your next destination and a lot of times I don’t have any answer. Some understood it perfectly, some didn’t react and a few had a sarcastic smile stating your train has stopped eventually :). Unfortunately and unknowingly it bothered me. I was looking at other travel blogs with jealousy and getting annoyed with myself for not making travel plans happen as often as I wanted to.

As the present year is about to complete next month, I looked back at what I had been up to entire year. I started from January and counted the visits till November and realized it wasn’t a dry year which I had understood it to be.  The only change was percentage of visits to friends and family had increased. We all change with time and want different things at different places in life. I spent more time in visiting my home town, my in-laws place, a lot of temples, relatives and friends – some instances due to obligations but most of the times because I wanted to be there. I was still traveling and in fact more but these visits can’t be transformed into blog posts.

The bottom line is we can’t have everything in life and it’s perfectly fine. Times have changed and I must accept the fact to be at peace. Now, I find it hard to make a weekend trip to a place 500 km away,  return Monday morning and get back to work with full zeal. I also need to keep expenses in check, every time I plan. So, I have fine tuned my strategy for upcoming years. I will be targeting one big plan every year and supplement it with few short ones spaced out throughout the year. You can’t have everything in life but you can definitely have some :).

Before I close the post, title doesn’t indicate this year has nothing more in store for me. I would be embarking on one last trip of this year next month. Stay tuned. Its going to be cold.

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  1. Meghna 27 November, 2016 at 10:35 PM Reply

    Lovely post :)…More travels coming soon 😀

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